Anti-Aging Products
Anti-Aging Products

Stop time… We believe that time does not have to diminish your skin`s beauty.
Damage to the skin builds up over time – the older we get, the more our skin changes. The levels of the body`s production of proteins like collagen and elastin lessen, causing the skin to sag, and become thinner and lined. Melanin – the skin`s color pigment – begins to spread unevenly, causing age spots on the skin. The skin also loses some of its natural fat, causing it to become dryer and more sensitive. Anti-aging products mean to address, or prevent, these issues; to restore lost moisture, reintroduce elasticity and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
Intercosma`s products will help you to maximize the full potential of your beauty. Your skin will look wonderful thanks to the successfully tested, innovative beauty formulas that contain the purest, most effective materials: Dead Sea minerals, essential oils, herbal extracts, vitamins and – of course – active ingredients that are the product of the latest technologies.
Years of scientific research have gone into the development of Intercosma`s anti-aging line, which nourishes your skin and protect it from the aging process. They will leave your skin feeling healthy, youthful and glowing.
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