Vision and Values
As an Israeli factory for cosmetics that are promoted both locally and overseas, and primarily in the private label market, we specialize in providing professional and effective solutions, which adhere to the strictest standards of quality and health and are constantly improving.
We provide our clients with added value by producing the highest quality products and innovative developments alongside with support and direction throughout every stage of the process – from concept to delivery – while maintaining competitive prices.

We aspire to be Israel`s leading manufacturer for private label products and to become a leader in product branding for our clients in Israel and worldwide; through the development of quality, innovative cosmetics, which meet the domestic and international markets` demands, and enhance people`s quality of life and health by bringing them physical, emotional and spiritual happiness.

Core Values – "Grade A Mission"
  • Unwavering professionalism
  • Faith in the products
  • Cooperation and personal responsibility
  • Initiative and creativity
  • Discipline and work ethic
  • Business integrity and propriety
  • Quality and esthetics
  • A family atmosphere and care for the employees
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