Filling and Packaging
Our Filling and Packaging Division, which occupies a large space in the facility and contains a great variety of machines, is where we complete the product manufacturing process. We have the ability to produce million of product units in a variety of packaging types: plastic and aluminum tubes, bottles and jars ranging from 5000ml and more, shrink wrap, cellophane packaging and more.

Computer screens are mounted on every work stations, allowing us to fully monitor the work process in its entirety – output, reductions, on-line product disqualification, technical malfunctions and production efficiency.

Our assembly lines are monitored by a designated quality assurance team meant to ensure the unified filling and packaging according to specifications:
  • Ensuring packaging and label integrity prior to production
  • Workspace, filling line and assembly line hygiene
  • Continuous monitoring by both quality assurance and filling line teams as to the integrity of the process, the weight and packaging (with special attention to printed items), tailoring them to predetermined parameters, leveling and signing the batches properly, etc.

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