Quality assurance

The formulation, implementation and enforcement of an international set of standards and manufacturing conditions (GMP) – meant to ensure the products` safety and quality – is the very foundation of cosmetics manufacturing. We are ever-vigilant in ensuring that the quality of the products we manufacture meets the clients` expectations and trust.

The factory`s approach to manufacturing is that of process evolution, which focuses on enhancing and improving the quality control system`s effectiveness, with aim of satisfying the clients` demands.

Our highly skilled quality assurance team controls every aspect of the manufacturing process – from receiving the raw materials, through the various manufacturing processes to the final delivery. The quality doctrine is applied and documented at every stage using a computerized system, as part of the ERP system, in order to ensure the products` integrity and quality.
  • Our quality assurance laboratories test the products in order to ensure that they meet the chemical and physical specifications determined. All batches undergo microbacterial tests in order to ensure that they are contamination-free.
  • Each container, tool and line are thoroughly cleaned in a special room, to ensure the use of meticulously cleaned production equipment.
  • A special team inspects the production lines in order to ensure that packages` filling, sealing and labeling are properly executed.
    » Pre-production tests for package and label integrity
    » Cross-site hygiene inspections, pre-production weigh-ins, blending, filling, shipping and storage
    » Ensuring every detail, no matter how small, at every stage of the manufacturing
  • The site itself undergoes peripheral, microbial, sanitary and hygiene inspections in order to ensure the proper environment for the production of cosmetics.
  • The site`s water system ensures top chemical and microbial water quality. On a chemical level, excellent water quality is guaranteed – soft water with the proper PH levels, free of iron or any other heavy metals; and on a microbial level – water that is free of any bacteria or pathogens.
  • The facility has a wastewater management system meant to protect and preserve the environment. The wastewater management system has four components: balance tanks designed to provide steady wastewater flow; coagulation promoting oxidizer; flocculation promoting effecter; and a platform that separates sludge and sediment and retrieves wastewater.
  • Responsibility for the product does not end upon delivery to the client. As part of our quality assurance services, we maintain a customer complaint system: should a client file a complaint we thoroughly inspect both the product samples – which undergo chemical and microbial testing – and the manufacturing process` records, which are fully consequential. This aims to ensure both product quality and user safety. Corrective or preventative actions are taken according to the inquiry`s findings. We lend great importance to our clients having a way to contact us with such issues and we lend them our full support and cooperation.
  • We often undergo both internal and external quality inspections by standardization and health authorities, as well as clients.
  •  We are constantly raising the bar – quality management is a process and we make sure to constantly improve ourselves.
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